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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Emergency Ticket reservation in Indian Railways

Getting a ticket :)
Getting a rail ticket in India is a tough job. As per the current situation ( January 2013 )

Booking Opens 120 days - 4 months prior to the date of journey

Tatkal booking starts a day prior to the date of journey ( Booking starts @ 10: 00 AM )
For early morning trains tatkal booking states 2 days before the journey ( try researching to make sure that you don`t miss the book schedule )

Online booking is a time consuming tough task and the end result may be failure as the server will be too busy and the connections will be timed out. You are really lucky if you managed to get one via online.
If you are in real need to get a tatkal ticket its always better to spare time and go early to nearby station or booking center wait in queue and get the tickets

Pooled Quota / Waiting List
There is something called Pooled Quota waiting list Beware of that . If the end to end destination of the train is Chennai to Delhi and you want to book till vijayawada you will be getting pooled Waiting list ( Stations next to vijayawada will be pooled together ) if someone cancel ticket who`s destination is within that list of stations then only your status will be upgraded
Its better to book little far destination to actual destination so that it will fall under normal WL and up gradation will be quicker.

Current Booking:
If the charts were prepared and the booking were closed ( if the seat availability is high ) Then you can get this ticket in counter. Alternate way to this is get a open ticket and check with Ticket Checker TTR to get it Pay excess amount to TTR

Connecting Train:
Last minute tickets ( This is tricky )
If the train is connecting you station and moving to your desired destination there will be always many seats who never turned up
buy a normal open ticket and check with the TTR when the train arrives at your station and get it confirmed and pay excess amount to him later ( believe me i have got tickets like this multiple times during season time:) )

Track your train in Google
New Link Launched to help Travellers

Any questions drop a comment

Happy Journey ...

Kolathur The Hub for Fancy colour Fish

Kolathur is Chennai`s main hub for Colour Fishes & Fresh water fish tank
Located near to perambur and few kilo meter from Anna nagar. Many peoples from Different cities come here to get their collection
Fish are getting exported to different countries also, Even the rare and different varieties also will available here. I guess there should be around 150 plus shops and multiple fish farms arond that streets

If you have a rare species in mind and want to get at a cheap rate Kolathur is the best place

Friday, December 28, 2012

India Vs Pakistan Match 2012

The cricket match between Pakistan and India is always a crows puller. People watch and the updates in Facebook and twitter  will flood thats how it has been given priority
1st T20 match was won by Pakistan
2nd won by India ( This match was a important match for many players like Dhoni also since his captaincy was a question at this time)
Dhoni did a wonderful job and Won the 2 nd T20 Looking forward for more matches

Friday, May 08, 2009


DLF group one of the leading group in infrastructure business in INDIA has constructed many number of buildings in chennai and other parts of INDIA .In chennai DLF complex is located in Porur some 7 blocks were already constructed some 3 were under construction .In that seven blocks 1A block is occupied by IBM and SYNTEL and the other blocks were occupied by top notch IT companies like EDS ,MPHASIS, LOGICA, SONY ERICSSON,SYMENTAC,CTS SUTHERLAND and some other companies .There is a common food court for all employees and separate food court and cafeteria for each and every company .The access to this place is very easy you can reach this place from any part of the city with minimum time .So if you get a chance to go by that way dont miss to get a look at this massive structure which is going to become one of the famous land mark in chennai city .The maintenance work and other security related checks were done by the DLF people itself this ensures the security of the people working in this place .The construction of these buildings is very safe and eco friendly so that the wastage in energy can be restricted to a minimal level by which it will contribute to the international global warming issues .There are two basement levels constructed for the purpose of parking the vehicles for those who come in cars and bikes .All together in each and every aspect this IT park is one of the best place to work in .
Enjoy working in this beautiful place .

More companies in DLF - TCS , Zoho , Computer Science Corporation
Food Court - Subway , Veg Nation ,Thalapakatti


Lets us take an example of the most familiar 100 feet road which is the major connecting road to most areas in chennai it starts from by - pass near Red Hills and to the Kathipara .A year earlier the major traffic happens in the Lucas Tvs junction and the main Kathipara junction .But right now flyovers were constructed in both these places and it is inaugurated by our CM Karunanithi.Among these kathipara is one of the massive structured flyovers .Initially after the inauguration of this bridge motorist struggled a lot to find the right way to reach their destinies but after installing lot of sign boards it is easy to chose their right lane and reach the places in a hassle free way.Padi junction traffic struggle has also been put to an end by the TVS flyover now peoples dont need to wait for hours to see a green signal to start their vehicles .Now the 100 feet road is little bit free flowing but koyampedu junction is getting the way like Lucas junction as it was a year later .Construction of that flyover is started already we believe that the govt management will take care to complete the project before the things go worst.Ashok nagar,Vadapalani are the other major places where the construction of such bridges will help a lot in making the traffic in 100 feet road a good one .Widening the roads will also help out in resolving this problem.Last but not the least is our responsibility to ride safely and slowly which will help a lot in the control of our city traffic
happy driving

Saturday, April 25, 2009


15 th Lok Sabha elections are planned to be conducted in three phases .Phase I elections were conducted in Kerala and some other parts of India.Phase II conducted on April 24 2009 in that about 55% voting is ensured .The percentage shows the poor interest of Indians for elections people might have lost the confidence in election stuff as there is no reliability in the manner the government is being ruled .Whether it is ruling party or the other parties .Its very important that the political personalities have to create a trust that the election will be conducted in a proper manner and the candidate are selected in a genuine way .Corruption rules every where and its leading point is politics .Tamil nadu state itself has 40 seats which is the major vote bank and Tamil nadus elections are planned to be conducted in third phase .Final election campaign is going on in full swing all over the state .Ruling party DMK in alliance with Congress has filed their candidature in all the 40 constituencies.AIDMK and DDMK also making their way to capture some seats in central.Every news paper is pointing out the total property details of the candidates .Some one has topped the leader board with 70 crores net worth .There are some other good peoples also who have dedicated their lives for India .Hats off to them.
Jai Hind
Voting is our prime responsibility so vote and enjoy the democracy.


Take a situation like this it is beautiful evening after a long days work and you’re going home alone , after an unusually hard day on the job. You will be really tired, upset and frustrated.

Suddenly you start experiencing severe pain in your chest that starts from your arm and up into your jaw. You are only about five miles from the hospital that is near to your home. Unfortunately you don’t know if you’ll be able to make it that far.

CPR [Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) It's an emergency medical procedure for a victim of cardiac arrest or, in some circumstances, respiratory arrest. CPR is performed in hospitals, or in the community by laypersons or by emergency response professionals] , but the guy that taught the course did not tell you how to perform it on yourself.

Since many people are alone when they suffer a heart attack, without help,the person whose heart is beating improperly and vigerously and who begins to feel faint, has only about 10 seconds left before losing consciousness.

However,these victims can help themselves by coughing repeatedly and very vigorously. A deep breath should be taken before each cough, and the cough must be deep and prolonged one, as when producing sputum from deep inside the chest.

A breath and a cough must be repeated about every two seconds without let-up until help arrives, or until the heart is felt to be beating normally again. Deep breaths get oxygen into the lungs and coughing movements squeeze the heart and keep the blood circulating. The squeezing pressure on the heart also helps it regain normal rhythm of the heart beat. In this way, heart attack victims can get to a hospital. Tell as many other people as possible about this. It could save their lives!!

Oru naalil varkai song from movie pudupettai

Oru naalil varkai ingay yengum oodi pogathu
Maaru naalum vanthu vittal thunbam thedi thodaRadhu..
yethanai koodi kanneer mann mithu vizhruthirukkum
athanai kanda pinum pommi ingu poo pookum
ohh ohh ohh...kaaru vassal vittu vantha naal thootu
ohh ohh ohh...oru vassal thediyae villaiyaattu
ohh ohh oh...kann thiranthu paarthal pala koothu
ohh ohh ohhohoo...kann moodi kondaaal...
ohh ohh ohho

Pozkalathil piranthu vittom vanthadhavai ponnavai varutham illai..
kaatrinilay vazhgindrom muzkkalin valli ondrum maaranam illai..
irutinilay nee nadakayillai un nizrallum unnai vittu villagividum..
nee mattum thaan intha ullagathilay unakku thunnai yendru villainge_vidum..
theeyodu pogum varaiyiL theerathu intha thanimaii..
kaarai varum neram paarthu karppalil kaathirupom..
yerimalai vanthal kooda yerri nindru poRz thoduppom..
ohh wow woow...andha Dheva ragasiyam purigirathey
ohh wow woow...ingu yethuvum nillayilai kaaraigirathey
ohh wow woow...manam veytaa veyiLilay aalagigirathey
ohh wow woow...andha Kadavulai kandaaL
wow wow oohh..

adu yennakku ethu unnakku ithayagaL podum thani kannakku..
aval yennakku ival unnakku udagalum podum puthir kannakku..
unnakkum illai inthu yennakkum illai paadaiththaavaanai ingu yedduthu kollvan..
nallavar yaar ada kettavar yaar kadaisiyiL avanay mudivu seyivaan..
pazRi podum ullagam ingay balliyanna uyirgal yengayaay..
ullagathiL Oram nindru athanaiyum paarthirupom..
nadapavai nadagam yendru namum senndhu nadithirupom..
ohh wow wow...pala mugagaL vedum seri maatikollvom
ohh wow woow...pala thirupam theyriyum adhil thirumbikollvom
ohh wow woow...Kathai mudiyum pokkil athai mudithikollvom
ohh wow woow...Maaru piravi vedumaa...
ohh wow woow.

Freelance jobs

what is a freelance job
If you are good in any technical knowledge and you have plenty of free time then freelancing is the right option to earn some money .Technical knowledge refers to KNOWLEDGE OF ANY OF THE PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE like c,c++,java,dot net,perl,embedded system.Other than technical there are some non tech stuff like data entry,telemarketing,virtual reality.There some kind of bidding concept in this so that you can bid on a project who needs some work to be done .If you are going to be the least and the best bidder they you will be awarded with that project .If you complete it you will get the project money.
It is a free lancing web site .This site benifits its users in two ways those who needs their projects to be done and those who are waiting to do project for others .some of the categories are data entry,joomla,dot net,telemarketing and lot more .If you are a person looking for a oppurtinity in a genuine internet based work just try out this site .Basic membership to this site does not need any paid sign up.
they have included lot of features like
escrow money ( by which you will get assurance about the money you get after completing the project)
payment(paypal and other payment modes are available)
golden member(with this you will get priority to lot of projects by paying some mere amount)

Friday, April 24, 2009


Check Page Rank of any web site pages instantly:

This free page rank checking tool is powered by Page Rank Checker service

page rank checker will help you all in getting the status of the web site what you are watching . page is given by google based on the factors mentioned below information the web site has ,how far the information is true and trustworthy ,the popularity of that site among the internet users . Google analyze the contents and other related stuff every three months and declares the page rank.Install google tool bar in your internet browser after you install you can see the rank for each and every page you see.Sites like gmail,yahoo,orkut will be having high page rank because of the trust they have among the people.Web sites like spams and junk sites will have poor status .so it will automatically give you the alert on which page to visit and which not to visit.Google has employed lot of companies to make the page rank more accurate and reliable.benifit yourself with this faboulous feature while surfing internet.
happy surfing!!

Thursday, April 09, 2009


Tata launched its new peoples car after a long time after meeting lot of hurdles .Booking started a week before and it has seen lot of customers on the first day itself .SBI and ICICI banks are giving low interest loans with a very low EMI .But the company has told that initially they have produced only few cars so only few will get the car based on a lot system.



Tata launched its new peoples car after a long time after meeting lot of hurdles .Booking started a week before and it has seen lot of customers on the first day itself .SBI and ICICI banks are giving low interest loans with a very low EMI .But the company has told that initially they have produced only few cars so only few will get the car based on a lot system.The booking for this car is already open and will close on 25 th of April 2009 in all cities of India .Various offers and benefits were given by all bankers in every city .Booking can be made by giving a initial minimal cost .As per the news they have only produced around 50 thousand cars on the whole .so after the close of the booking period the customers will be given the cars based on a lucky draw conducted by tata group.Those who are lucky can drive home their cars by the end of this year itself the rest have to wait till the production of remaining cars.In spite of all these factors there is a huge crowd in all booking centers to get a glimpse og the car and also to try the luck in getting it .
Happy driving!!


Share market is one of the best known industry for most of the Indians in recent times .Everyone is interested to peep into this world of business through various business strategies .In India the Major share indices are NSE and BSE National stock exchange and Bombay stock exchange.In which different bench mark stocks are listed .According to the trend of those shares the indice net value will fluctuate.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


You may be aware that there were lot of technical and cultural festivals happening in various colleges all over India from top notch colleges to recently established ones.Those colleges will create a big banner for their events and attract other colleges by announcing heavy cash awards but there were lot of complaints arising regard in the way they are conducting such events .The genuineness is not maintained in lot of such fest`s .For example the organizers will give the prizes for their friends from other colleges and will share the prize amount .College management and the companies sponsoring for these events should give proper attention towards the credibility in such events .There are some other college which will conduct those fest in a most trustful way .

Keane inc has started giving joining dates for the students placed in 2008 .After a gap of one year after the completion of their acadamic course those students are finally getting joining dates . Even in that there are lot of controversy that only few were called and those who have called also were asked to join within a days time . Sources say that they are calling the students those who were selected for software testing and application managemenet . Anyway lot were happy that they have atleast got a positive feedback after a long time . does it shows the improvement in IT industry ?
let us wait and see

Railway recruitment board of chennai is conducting exam to fill 1300+ vacancies in ICF and SR.They are conducting exam for the following post.
1.section engineer
2.junior engineer
for more informations go to rrb chennai website
last date for applying is 20 th april

National Informatics Centre conduct exam every year for the post of scientific officer .For informations regarding this exam read employement news paper .Last time the exam is conducted on feb 2009. The exam will be easy for computer science and information technology students .The exam syllabus covers the entire subject what you have studied in your college.The exam paper consists of two sections both were objective type .Part 1 consists of easy one word answer for which every question is alloted 1 mark where as the part 2 consists of little bit complicated questions which carries 3 marks each .There will be a negative mark for every wrong answer .Questions will come from the following topics
1.Computer hardware and general computer related topics
2.programming fundamentals deep knowledge is not needed
3.Database related stuff

Basically you should know what is what about all the topics which covers in your engineering stream